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We’re Astoot, so glad to finally meet you! The Munchoo baby teether has been in development since our little one started chomping on her wooden crib rail incessantly, in an effort to relieve her teething pains.
A couple of years later, she's grown out of that habit (phew!) but we desperately wanted other parents to able to help their sweet one's sore little gums.
Rest assured - we created the Munchoo with the finest materials. It has absolutely no fishy, toxic materials, and it has been tested and approved by a CPSC-accepted lab.
So there you go. We really hope you enjoy it, and feel free to drop us a note!

©2019 by Astoot. 

Please regularly check all baby products for signs of wear and tear and discard if you notice any signs of damage. Rigorous biting over a period of time can affect the quality of the product.



Baby products are to be used under direct adult supervision. We disclaim against any liability for harm or injury caused by improper use of our products or failure to supervise your baby/child while using our products.

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