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You Asked, We Answered

Who is the Munchoo for?

Our Munchoo teether is made for any baby who can stand upright in their crib. Mommy & Daddy are most welcome to install Munchoo on a stroller armrest too!

Does Munchoo fit just any crib?

We did our very best to create a toy that would perfectly fit all crib types. However, as crib sizes vary greatly these days, please check the width of your crib rail to make sure we make the perfect match.

My baby doesn't chew on the crib rail. Why do I need this?

We couldn't be happier for you (and your crib) that your baby doesn't have a taste for wood. Ours sure did. Anyhow, we believe every baby will enjoy this teether - it feels nice on the gums, its different textures are fun to touch & explore... What's not to like?

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